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Innovation actors : intentions and interactions

  • Firms‘ resource base is one of the determinants of their capacity to innovate. When firms’ internal base of financial, intangible or technical resources is not sufficient to realize innovation projects, resources provided by other stakeholders can mitigate innovation constraints. This cumulative dissertation intends to shed light on innovation-related collaborations and interactions of three specific kinds of actors. The first article investigates the role innovation plays for investors when screening and evaluating potential investment targets and explains to which extent the investors’ behavior re-orients towards the implementation of innovation-pushing measures once being invested. Also, the second article refers to the interaction between investors and innovative firms: Subsequent to a derivation of an industry-specific business model pattern, the second article analyzes whether and how financing of new and innovative digital health ventures differ between Europe and USA. Adopting a single case study approach, the third article focuses on the interaction between corporate accelerators and innovative firms and identifies shortcomings of Telefonica’s corporate accelerator Wayra.

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Document Type:Doctoral Thesis
Author:Cornelius MaasORCiD
Contributor(s):Andreas Pinkwart, Stephan Stubner
Chairs and Professorships:Chair of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
Full text/ URN:urn:nbn:de:bsz:14-qucosa2-354664
Title Additional (English):Dissertation
Place of publication:Leipzig
Year of Completion:2019
Page Number:113
Content Focus:Academic Audience